Author: Abdo Riani

6 Decision-Making Principles for Startup Founders

The principles in this guide are taken from the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio – one of the most successful investors and hedge fund managers in the world and a self-acclaimed professional mistake maker. We explain some of his principles in a startup context to make them actionable for founders.

Content Marketing Guide for Startups

Content marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for early-stage startups . In this guide, we provide important tips for creating high-quality content and popularizing it effectively.


How to Attract and Keep Top Startup Talent to Your Project

A startup cannot prosper without a highly motivated and competent team. This is common knowledge, however, attracting top startup talent to your early-stage startup is much easier said than done. In this guide we give a few crucial tips how to do it.

How to Motivate your Early-Stage Startup Team

Motivating your team is crucial to success. In the early startup stages, you are racing against time. Being unproductive is something you cannot afford. This article lists 9 startup motivation strategies that can help you generate extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in your team.

Handling Workplace Challenges in a Multicultural Startup Team

In an increasingly globalized world, many startups can operate internationally, with team members from all over the world. While this creates a plethora of opportunities, there are also hidden dangers that could sabotage the success of these multicultural startups. One of these threats is cultural differences and this article describes several situations, which entrepreneurs should watch out for.